Visionaries: Thinking Through Female Filmmakers

Series Editor(s): Lucy Bolton, Richard Rushton

A new, open-access series which explores the visual style of female filmmakers through a film-philosophy approach

Visionaries proposes that female filmmakers present visions of the world in the films that they make, and that these visionary films are their personal contributions to filmmaking in industrial, creative and cultural terms. Visionaries creates a new perspective on the ways in which female filmmakers work and a new forum for considering their particular styles and cinematic outlooks.

Featuring books on individual woman filmmakers from around the world, Visionaries will explore the aesthetic, industrial and cultural questions that relate to female filmmakers and contribute to debates about women, authorship and cinema. Analysing world views and formal styles, conceptual concerns, political perspectives and industrial realities, Visionaries will ‘think through’ female filmmakers. The series will investigate what it means to be a female filmmaker, analyse the films made by female filmmakers, and explore the visions of the world these films present.

Key Features

  • Examines the cinematic visions of the world presented by women filmmakers
  • Focuses on debates around authorship and auteurism
  • Contributes to the reignited feminism and film studies debates
  • Each book in the series will be open-access, along with the option to purchase a physical copy for those who prefer print

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