New Perspectives in Ontology

Series Editor(s): Peter Gratton, Sean J. McGrath

Boldly reopens the oldest questions of existence through a contemporary lens

The time is now for a renaissance in ontology, after the fundamental modesty of much post-Heideggerian Continental philosophy and the rise of the new realisms and new materialisms.

New Perspectives in Ontology is an interdisciplinary book series that challenges old divisions while borrowing from the ontological frameworks of post-humanism, ecological studies, critical animal studies and other post-constructivist areas of endeavour. Often working within the Continental tradition, books in this series move beyond the stale hermeneutics and phenomenologies of the past.

Key Features

  • A home for new books on ontology, especially those coming out of traditions rising from German Idealism through to the French reception of Heidegger
  • Reorients Continental philosophy back to questions of nature and being

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Thomas J. J. Altizer (State University of New York at Stony Brook)
  • Maurizio Farraris (University of Turin)
  • Paul Franks (Yale University)
  • Iain Hamilton Grant (University of the West of England)
  • Garth Green (McGill University)
  • Adrian Johnston (University of New Mexico)
  • Catherine Malabou (Kingston University)
  • Jeff Malpas (University of Tasmania)
  • Marie-Eve Morin (University of Alberta)
  • Jeffrey Reid (University of Ottawa)
  • Susan Ruddick (University of Toronto)
  • Michael Schulz (University of Bonn)
  • Hasana Sharp (McGill University)
  • Alison Stone (Lancaster University)
  • Peter Trawny (University of Wuppertal)
  • Uwe Voigt (University of Augsburg)
  • Jason Wirth (Seattle University)
  • Gunter Zoeller (University of Munich)

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