Intersectionality in Classical Antiquity

Series Editor(s): Mark Masterson, Fiona McHardy, Nancy Rabinowitz

Publishes the best new work on intersectional approaches to sexuality and gender in Greco-Roman Antiquity

This series focuses on the intersection of gender and sexuality, in the Greco-Roman world, with a range of other factors including race, ethnicity, class, ability, masculinity, femininity, transgender and post-colonial gender studies. The books in the series will be theoretically informed and will sit at the forefront of the study of a variety of outsiders – those marginalised in relation to the ‘classical ideal’ - and how they were differently constructed in the ancient world. The series is also interested in the ways in which work in the field of classical reception contributes to that study.

  • Unique focus on sex and gender in antiquity
  • Incorporates studies of material culture and texts, literature and history as well as discourses on law
  • Offers a diversity of subject matter and approach to this complex field

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