Global Film Studios

Series Editor(s): Homer B. Pettey

Global Film Studios is a series of books devoted to examining international film studios and their global influence. Each volume will address several studios representing an era (New Hollywood Studios), a regional intersection of production (Nordic Film Studios), a nation cinema (French Film Studios), a genre (Hong Kong Action Film Studios) or a style (Bollywood Studios).

The series offers interdisciplinary interpretations of international film studios. Particular attention will emphasize the signature features of these studios, such as their distinctive style, look, design, and genres, as well as principal figures who created and sustained those definable studio elements. Technological advancements and innovations associated with or promoted by studios will also be examined. Additionally, these volumes will address studios’ market strategies, their core competencies and core rigidities, and their reliance upon and shifts from film cycles in terms of re-evaluating box office and audience appeal. Detailed analysis of specific film productions that transformed studios will conclude each volume. Because of its multifaceted analysis and international scope, this series intends to open up the field of global studiography.

The series editor welcomes proposals for a volume for this new series. Please send a query letter to:

Homer B. Pettey 5222 E. Hawthorne Place Tucson, AZ 85711, USA

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