Future Law

Series Editor(s): Lilian Edwards, Burkhard Schafer, Edina Harbinja

Analyses how law and ethics influence and regulate technology in the global cultural and development

Arts and popular culture play a complex role in mediating between law and technology. They can express the enthusiasm or unease a society feels about technological development, shaping demand for legislative intervention. They give us the creative space to think about how societies governed by new laws may look. And they can explain complex technological or legal issues to the layperson. At the same time, they can distort legal and technological constraints, mislead the public through misguided expectations and create demand for unnecessary legislative intervention.

Books in the series are critical and topic-led, reflecting the global jurisdiction of technology and culture interacting with law. Each title responds to cutting-edge debates in the field where technology interacts with culture to challenge the ability of law to react to frequently unprecedented scenarios.

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