Edinburgh Companions to Global Christianity

Series Editor(s): Kenneth R. Ross, Todd M. Johnson

A uniquely detailed and comprehensive examination of Christianity on every continent

This series of reference volumes comprehensively maps worldwide Christianity, describing it in its entirety. Each volume covers a continent and offers country-specific studies as well as examining regional and continental trends. Through a combination of maps, tables, charts and graphs a full demographic analysis is provided, while original essays explore key topics and trends.

There will be volumes on:

  1. Christianity in Sub-Saharan Africa
  2. Christianity in North Africa and West Asia
  3. Christianity in South and Central Asia
  4. Christianity in East and Southeast Asia
  5. Christianity in Oceania
  6. Christianity in Latin America and the Caribbean
  7. Christianity in North America
  8. Christianity in Western and Northern Europe
  9. Christianity in Eastern and Southern Europe
  10. Compact Atlas of Global Christianity
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