Research Methods for Law

Edited by Mike McConville, Wing Hong (Eric) Chui

Edition: 2

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Introduces students to legalistic, theoretical, empirical, comparative and cross-disciplinary research methods, grounded in working examplesNew for this edition
  • New chapter on inter- and cross-disciplinary research – essential reading for international students and students with a non-law first degree undertaking research in the areas of law, criminology, psychology and sociology
  • Research ethics has been expanded to a full chapter that includes current plagiarism and imperfect disclosure
  • Brings existing chapters up to date with the newest thinking in legal research

Drawing on actual research projects, Research Methods for Law discusses how legal research as process impacts on research as product. The author team has a broad range of teaching and research experience in law, criminal justice and socio-legal studies, and give examples from real-life research products to illustrate the theory.

Preface and Acknowledgements to Second EditionPreface and Acknowledgements to First Edition

Introduction and overviewMike McConville and Wing Hong Chui

  1. Legal Research as Qualitative researchIan Dobinson and Francis Johns
  2. Qualitative Legal Research Wing Hong Chui
  3. Doing Ethnographic Research: Lessons from a Case Study Satnam Choongh
  4. Interdisciplinarity in Legal ResearchPaul Roberts
  5. Integrating Theory and Method in the Comparative Contextual Analysis of Trial Process Mark Findlay and Ralph Henham
  6. Comparative Legal Scholarship Geoffrey Wilson
  7. Research Ethics and Integrity in Socio-Legal Studies and Legal ResearchMark Israel
  8. Researching the Landless Movement in BrazilGeorge Meszaros
  9. Rejecting the Dominance of Empirical Legal Scholarship – A Better Way of Choosing, Researching and Writing a Scholarly ArticleMichael Pendleton
  10. Researching International LawStephen Hall
  11. Development of Empirical Techniques and TheoryMike McConville

Notes on ContributorsIndex

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Mike McConville is Honorary Professor, University of Nottingham and Founding Dean of the Faculty of Law in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Wing Hong Chui is Professor and Head of the Department of Applied Social Sciences at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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