Online resources

Agreeing online resources with your editor

  • You would usually agree to include online resources with your book when you submit your book proposal.
  • In rare cases, this might be agreed after proposal stage.
  • We’re always happy to be flexible so do speak to us if you think your book would benefit from online resources.
  • Please don’t surprise us by sending us online resources without discussing it with your editor first!

Writing your book – linking to online resources

  • Keep track of your online resources in your online resources checklist.
  • In your manuscript, direct readers to the web resources at the relevant points.
  • Use placeholders for the web addresses to be added at a later stage and highlight these.
    • For example: <web address to be added at proof stage>
  • Highlight all references to online resources in your manuscript.
    • For example:
      [Questions for Chapter 5 text resource here]
      [‘Black Spiders’ audio resource here]
      [Diagrams Showing Process Flow pdf resource here]
  • Tell your readers that you are using online resources in your book. This should be included at the start of your book: in the introduction, preface or on a dedicated page, as you prefer.
    • For example:
      ‘Also included at the end of each chapter, and in order to support university-level teaching, there is an online companion website that can be found here: <web address to be added at proof stage>. On this platform, there are detailed data exercises that can be downloaded and used as a teaching resource. Also included on the companion website is a “menu” of chapters, providing different pathways for using the book in classroom and course settings.’
  • The website address will also be added to the back cover of the book as part of the blurb to promote the online resources to readers.
  • Make sure you flag up the resources in the Key Features section of your book description so that the marketing department can use this as part of the promotional campaign.

Reproducing material in copyright in your online resources


  • At proof stage, make sure you crosscheck the book proofs and online resources to ensure they correspond correctly. Are all the icons present and in the correct location?

Examples of online resources

Resources hosted as files: click on the Resources tab to see them.

Resources hosted as separate webpages: click on the link in the book description to see them.