The review process

The Review Process

Feedback from your editor

The commissioning editor will be the first person to read your proposal. They will initially asses whether it fits the scope of our publishing. If so, they might give you some tips to strengthen your proposal before moving forward to peer review. Your editor will usually respond to your initial proposal within around 6 weeks.

Peer review

If it is considered both academically distinctive and commercially viable, your proposal and sample materials will be sent out to at least two readers for anonymous scholarly peer review. Your editor will pass on the readers’ comments as soon as they are available (generally within 8 to 10 weeks). You will then be invited to respond to the reports and to make any changes to your proposal.

Press Committee and Publishing Committee review

Once it has passed peer review, your proposal will be presented for final approval to the University of Edinburgh Academic Press Committee and the Edinburgh University Press Publishing Committee.

  • The Press Committee is made up of 14 specialist academics from the University of Edinburgh who comment on whether your proposal will make a genuine scholarly impact and make the final decision about whether the Press should publish your book.
  • The Publishing Committee is made up of the editorial and marketing teams from Edinburgh University Press who discuss the strategy for publishing and promoting your book or series.

Your editor will inform you of the publishing decision following the meeting along with any comments from the committees. If your proposal is approved, you will receive a Memorandum of Agreement to publish with Edinburgh University Press.

Proposing a book for a series

Books to be published in a series will always be reviewed by the series editor. When in the process this happens varies depending on the series: check the series’ homepage to find out about its submission and review processes.

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