Patrick Stevenson

Patrick Stevenson is Professor of German and Linguistic Studies at the University of Southampton. His current research interests include the politics of language, multilingualism, language and migration, and language biographies. He has published widely in the field of German sociolinguistics and his recent book publications include: Language and German Disunity: A sociolinguistic history of East and West 1945-2000 (OUP, 2002); (ed., with Clare Mar-Molinero) Language Ideologies, Policies and Practices: Language and the future of Europe (Palgrave, 2006); (ed., with Jenny Carl) Language, Discourse and Identity in Central Europe: The German language in a multilingual space (Palgrave, 2009); and (ed., with Gabrielle Hogan-Brun and Clare Mar-Molinero) Testing Regimes: Critical perspectives on language, migration and citizenship in Europe (Benjamins, 2009)..