The 2015 London Hellenic Prize received 116 eligible submissions from 49 publishers and authors dotted across the globe, from as far afield as Los Angeles, Berlin and Ankara. All submitted books were read over the course of several months by the five-strong Adjudicating Committee chaired by Dr Jennifer Wallace (Peterhouse, Cambridge) assisted by four additional readers.

In the advent of their final meeting, where a winner would be chosen, the Committee settled on a Short List of six books including The Edinburgh History of the Greeks, 1768 - 1913 by Thomas Gallant and The Edinbrugh History of the Greeks, 1453 to 1768. They noted that the series fills a pressing need for an authoritative history of the region in English and that they were delighted to read two of the volumes that have been published so far in the advertised 10-volume series. Both Molly Greene’s volume (1453-1774) and Thomas Gallant’s (1768-1913) were worthy of short-listing. Greene’s for her original, subtle account of the social, cultural life of the Greeks within the Ottoman empire. Gallant’s for his dramatic, entertaining narrative of war and revolution from the Greek enlightenment to the Balkan Wars.

The award ceremony will be held on 11th November in London.