New Perspectives on the American Presidency

Series Editor(s): Michael Patrick Cullinane, Sylvia Ellis

Take a fresh look at the world’s most powerful administration, past and present

Presidential studies in the 21st Century is integrative, transnational, interdisciplinary and reaches far beyond the voting booth or West Wing. Social historians have produced a myriad of new work on political influences from relatively unknown personalities and demonstrated the importance of 'supporting actors' in political history. Cultural historians have debated the impact of political context, gender, race, and class. International historians have emphasized the global importance of American political history.

This series invites submissions for monographs and cohesive collections of essays that explore the American presidency through these fresh and innovative approaches. It will foster emerging research from established scholars and early career academics alike.

Key features

  • Covers the full chronological sweep of the office, from Washington to Trump (1789– ) and will also aim to include future presidents
  • Truly interdisciplinary: taking particular advantage of new approaches like American Political Development, this series will provide a home for scholars working in a broad and diverse field
  • Authors in this series will investigate historical intersections with the presidency including competing branches of government, domestic and transnational cultures, international relations, the media, trade and commerce

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