John Seed

John Seed teaches History at Roehampton University London. Publications include: The Culture of Capital. Art, power and the nineteenth-century middle class, co-edited with Janet Wolff (Manchester University Press 1988); Cultural Revolution. The Challenge of the Arts in the 1960s, co-edited with B.Moore-Gilbert (Routledge 1992); '"A set of Men Powerful Enough in Many Things": Rational Dissent and Political Opposition in England 1770-1790', in Knud Haakonssen, ed., Enlightenment and Religion. Rational Dissent in eighteenth-century Britain, (Cambridge University Press 1996); 'Political Economy' in Z. Leader & I. Haywood, eds (1998) Romantic Period Writings, 1798-1832, (Routledge 1998); 'Irrelevant Objects: Basil Bunting's Poetry of the 1930s' in R.Bau du Plessis and P.Quartermain, eds, The Objectivist Nexus. Essays in Cultural Poetics, (University of Alabama Press 1999).