The Living Memory of a Crofting Community

Mairi MacArthur

Edition: 2

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Ebook (PDF) i

The Hebridean island of Iona has been the focus of intense outside interest for over fourteen hundred years, from the time of St Columba’s monastery in the sixth century through to the transfer of its renowned monuments into the care of Historic Scotland in the year 2000. Yet the people who lived and worked alongside its sacred sites have been largely overshadowed until now. This book is the first to redress the balance, taking an in-depth look at Iona’s economic and social history during the 18th and 19th centuries, a period that saw profound change across the Highlands and Islands.

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E. Mairi MacArthur is author of several books including Columba’s Island: Iona from Past to Present (Edinburgh University Press, 1995; revised edition 2007), Colin Baxter Island Guides: Iona (1997; new edition 2001) and Iona: Souvenir Guide (1999).

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