Open Access

Green Open Access

All authored research monographs can take part in our Green Open Access policy.

After the embargo period, you may place the PDF proof copy of your monograph on your institutional repository. You are responsible for retaining the PDF of the proof copy and for providing the PDF to your institution.

The embargo period is 36 months from the publication of the most recent edition. So, if a paperback is published after the hardback edition, the embargo extends to 36 months from the later paperback publication date.

This policy does not apply to textbooks, handbooks, edited collections, critical editions or reference works.

Gold Open Access

Monograph Gold Open Access

Gold Open Access is available for authored research monographs for an Author Processing Charge (APC) of £10,000 (+ VAT), payable when you submit your typescript.

This policy only applies to authored research monographs. It does not apply to textbooks, handbooks, reference works, critical editions or entire edited collections.

Chapter Gold Open Access

Individual chapters in an edited collection can be made Open Access if this is required by the terms of the chapter author's research funding. The chapter APC is £2000 (+ VAT). Only that chapter will be made available Open Access, not the entire collection.

Key Information

Gold Open Access books and chapters are published under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence. For books, we may also produce hardback and ebook copies for sale if we think there is a commercial demand for them. A conventional royalty will be paid on any sales, as agreed in your contract.

Edinburgh University Press will submit the Open Access edition and supporting metadata to OAPEN, Google Books, Open Edition and the Directory of Open Access Books. You may also place the Open Access edition in your institutional repository and any subject repositories of your choosing.

FAQ: Gold Open Access

How much is the APC?

The APC is a flat fee of £10,000 (+VAT).

When is the APC payable?

The APC is paid on delivery of the typescript. Once the APC has been paid, the typescript will progress through production.

What do I get for the APC?

Your typescript will be copy-edited and typeset to our usual high standards. Once the final proofs are approved, we will place the Version of Record on OAPEN, Google Books, Open Edition and the Directory of Open Access Books along with the appropriate metadata. Open Access books are also available on this website. You may also place the Version of Record on any additional repositories of your choosing.

How is my copyright protected?

We recommend you publish under a CC-BY-NC-ND Creative Commons licence.

CC: Creative Commons. Anyone may download and share your work

BY: By Attribution. You must always be credited as the author

NC: Non-Commercial. The Open Access version may not be sold or used commercially

ND: Non-Derivative: No one is allowed to change your work

You may use a less restrictive licence if you prefer; just let your commissioning editor know.

How does an Open Access publication differ from a standard Edinburgh University Press publication?

Your Open Access publication will be exactly the same as any other Edinburgh University Press publication in terms of our review, production and publication process. The only difference is that it will be available for anyone to access and download free of charge.

Will my Open Access monograph also be sold as a book or ebook?

We will determine on a title-by-title basis whether we think there will be a commercial demand for a print or ebook edition of your book. If we think there may be a small market for a print book, we might make your book available through print-on-demand, instead of producing a standard print run. We are keeping a watching brief until we know more about how Open Access books affect print sales.

Will I receive any royalties?

You will receive a standard royalty on any copies (print or ebook) that are sold, and on any subsidiary rights that are sold. See your contract for more information.

Can I use third-party material in my OA publication?

You may use third-party material as long as you have cleared permission to do so. You will need to mark this content clearly and state the terms under which it has been made available. This is to prevent anyone from reusing it without seeking the permission of the original copyright holder. If you are unable to clear permission to use the material within an OA format, you may not legally use it.

How do I submit a proposal for an OA publication?

Simply note at the head of your proposal that you would like your book to be considered as an Open Access publication and give brief details about your source of funding. Then submit your proposal to the Commissioning Editor for your subject in the usual way.

I already have a monograph contract with Edinburgh University Press. Can I change this to an Open Access contract?

Contact your Commissioning Editor to discuss changing your contract to a Gold Open Access contract.