Colleen Glenney Boggs

Colleen Glenney Boggs is Professor of English at Dartmouth College. She is the author of "Animalia Americana: Animal Representations and Biopolitical Subjectivity" (Columbia University Press, 2013) and "Transnationalism and American Literature: Literary Translation 1773-1892" (Routledge, 2007; paperback 2009). Her edited volume “Options for Teaching the Literatures of the American Civil War” was published by the Modern Language Association in 2016. Her work has appeared in "American Literature," “PMLA,” “J19” and "Cultural Critique," among others. She currently serves on the PMLA Editorial Board, and is working on a monograph that examines the cultural impact of the Civil War military draft. She co-edits the book series "Edinburgh Studies in Transatlantic Literatures and Cultures.”

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