Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

Senior Commissioning Editor for Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

Rachel Bridgewater, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies Senior Commissioning Editor

Rachel Bridgewater

Islamic & Middle Eastern History

Commissioning Editor for Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

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Sarah Foyle

Islamic Art & Architecture; Politics; the Modern Middle East; Arabic Literature; Arabic Language (parental cover)


Emma House, Commissioning Editor for Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies (maternity cover)

Emma House

Emma is on parental leave; contact Sarah Foyle instead

Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies

Our Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies books span art and architecture, history, language and linguistics, literature, politics and religion. We publish textbooks, research monographs, reference works and cutting-edge series across our subject areas, and reach an international readership.

Area studies: our scholarship takes a global approach, encompassing Asia, MENA and the wider world. Browse our series on Modern Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, the MaghrebIran and the Persian World and the Middle East and Asia to find out more.

Anthropology: we showcase interdisciplinary research on socio- and cultural-anthropology in series such as the new Edinburgh Studies in Anthropology of Islam

Art & Architecture: we publish full-colour, beautifully illustrated books, as seen in our Edinburgh Studies in Islamic Art series

Culture: from Music and Performance in Muslim Contexts to Food and Foodways in the Middle East, North Africa and their Diasporas, we look at what makes the Middle Eastern and North African cultures so rich and distinctive. 

Diaspora & Minorities: in the age of migration, our scholarship sheds light on the experiences of minorities and diasporas worldwide in series such as Edinburgh Studies on Diasporas and Transnationalism and Alternative Histories

Gender: our series Critiquing Gender & Islam studies transnational, intersectional and queer perspectives on gender and sexuality in the wider Middle East and its diaspora

History: spanning the classical to the contemporary period, we focus on cutting-edge research including in major series such as The Edinburgh History of the Islamic Empires and Edinburgh Studies in Classical Islamic History and Culture

Language & Linguistics: textbooks and vocabularies help Arabic language students, academics, translators and businesspeople with their studies

Literature: series on Classical and Modern Arabic Literature showcase the best new work in the area

Politics & International Relations: our books keep you up-to-date with the dynamic situation in the Middle East, with a focus on political activism, social movements and revolutions in our Disruptions series

Religion: from studying Islam in a Globalised Muslim World, to providing in-depth examinations of religious texts, figures and developments in our Edinburgh Studies in Islamic Scripture and Theology series, to exploring material practices, the sensorium, ritual and embodiment in Studies in Shiʿi Materiality, religion is a central area of our publishing

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