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World Ethics

The New Agenda

Nigel Dower

Edition: 2

eBook (PDF) i

World Ethics: The New Agenda identifies different ways of thinking about ethics, and of thinking ethically about international and global relations. It also considers several theories of world ethics in the context of issues such as war and peace, world poverty, the environment and the United Nations.

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Preface to the Second Edition
Part I: Theories
1. World Ethics: An Ethical Taxonomy
2. International and Global Scepticism
3. Internationalism and Communitarianism
4. Cosmopolitan Theories
5. Cosmopolitanism and Community
Part II: Applications
6. Peace and War
7. Aid, Trade and Development
8. The Environment
9. Which Way Forward? Globalisation, Global Governance and Global Ethics

About the Author

Nigel Dower is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. Publications include Ethics and Environmental Responsibility (Gower Publishing, 1989) and World Ethics: The New Agenda (1998). He is editor of the series Edinburgh Studies in World Ethics.

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