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Women of Ancient Greece

Pierre Brulé

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Pierre Brulé's brilliant evocation of how women lived in ancient Greece describes every aspect of their lives, including their religious, familial and domestic duties, their economic importance, and their social, moral and legal status as wives, cohabitees or slaves. He examines their sexual roles, what the status of a woman's body was and what her own and others' attitudes were likely to be towards it. Professor Brulé does all this in the context of the development and achievements of Greek civilisation.

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About the Author

Pierre Brulé is Professor of Greek History at the University of Haute-Bretagne in Rennes. His books include La Piraterie crétoise hellénistique (Les Belles Lettres, 1978), Periclès: l’apogée d’Athènes (Gallimard, 1994), La Grèce d’Homère à Alexandre (Hachette éducation, 1997) and Les Grecs et leur monde (Gallimard, 1998).


both scholarly and thought-provoking in a volume accessible to a wide audience but still relevant to experts… This is an enjoyable book, written in an accessible style, and well illustrated.
A personal and poetic history of Greek women. The strength of Brule's work is that is almost completely based on primary sources, with very little theorizing. He lets the ancient authors provide us with the misogynistic picture that inevitably develops. Over fifty authors cited in passages from more than 100 works and fragments of works create a mosaic of rich information on the life of women in ancient Greece. It is not a scholarly work, but an erudite one, providing the novice a readable account, but also supplying the specialist a handy compilation of most of the ancient sources on the subject of Greek women.
An outstanding study of the status and role of women in the world of ancient Greece… a useful and interesting book which enlightens us with different view of ancient Greek women