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Women, Feminism and Media

Sue Thornham

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Over the past few decades feminist media scholarship has flourished, to become a major influence on the fields of media, film and cultural studies. At the same time, the cultural shift towards 'post-feminism' has raised questions about the continuing validity of feminism as a defining term for this work. This book explores the changing and often ambivalent relationship between the three terms women, feminism and media in the light of these recent debates. At the same time it places them within the broader discussions within feminist theory - about subjectivity, identity, culture, and narrative - of which they have formed a crucial part.

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1. Introduction: Thinking Women, Media, Feminism
2. Fixing into Images
3. Narrating Femininity
4. 'Real' Women
5. Technologies of Difference
6. Conclusion: Everyday Readings

About the Author

Sue Thornham is Professor of Media and Film at the University of Sussex.


Women, Feminism and Media is a brilliant interdisciplinary synthesis of decades of academic and activist debate. Not only does this book have a breath-taking theoretical and empirical scope but it also delivers complex ideas with an admirable clarity and situates them in the changing political and cultural contexts which are so crucial to understanding their development and significance. This is a first-class textbook and will become a must for students in media studies, women’s studies and cultural studies alike.
- Jackie Stacey, Professor in Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies, University of Lancaster

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