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Water Management in the English Landscape

Field, Marsh and Meadow

Hadrian Cook, Tom Williamson

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This book represents a major step towards a truly holistic landscape history. It takes as its theme the management of water in the agricultural landscape and brings together approaches of scientists on the one side and economic historians and archaeologists on the other. In each of the main sections an ecologist, soil scientist or hydrologist begins by setting out the scientific dynamics of each system. The archaeologists and historians then reassess the historical evidence for water management since the Roman period. The result is an important reinterpretation of some of the key questions in British landscape development. Throughout the writers investigate the implications of their findings for current conservation practice and for the management of historic landscapes.

  • First time such a wide range of perspectives have been brought together in one place: historical, archaeological and scientific
  • Gives considerations for current conservation practice
  • Will affect management of historic landscapes

About the Author

Hadrian Cook is Senior Lecturer in Hydrology at Wye College, University of London.


Amost exciting interdisciplinary development in agricultural history,landscape history and nature conservation/management.
- Paul Halstead, University of Sheffield
Its great value is to bring together lowland draining, underdraining and water-meadow creation and treat them for what they are - aspects of the greater whole - water management in a basically waterlogged countryside ... this is a useful, timely and informative book that summarizes a vast range of knowledge. For anyone interested in the history and workings of these very special and fascinating parts of the English landscape, it is a 'must'.
- The Agricultural History Review