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W. G. Sebald - Image, Archive, Modernity

J .J. Long

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W. G. Sebald is widely acknowledged as one of the most significant writers to have emerged onto the global literary scene in recent decades, and is frequently mentioned in the same breath as Nabokov, Kafka, Borges, Calvino, Proust, and Primo Levi.

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A Note on References and Translations
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The collection
Chapter 3 - The photograph
Chapter 4 - Discipline
Chapter 5 -Wonder: Vertigo
Chapter 6 - Family Albums: The Emigrants
Chapter 7 - The Ambulatory Narrative: The Rings of Saturn
Chapter 8 - The Archival Subject: Austerlitz

About the Author

J.J. Long is Professor of German at the University of Durham. He has published widely on twentieth-century literature, and is the author of The Novels of Thomas Bernhard (2001). His current research concerns the relationship between photography and narrative.


J. J. Long, who has already written several articles on Sebald, has produced with this book a thorough, succinct and stimulating analysis of important aspects of Sebald's work.
- Forum for Modern Language Studies
Long's engageing and insightful monograph sets new standards in Sebald scholarship. His Foucauldian readings bring out key aspects of Sebald's writings without obscuring their own, distinctive voice. His lucid analyses are written in a clear style accessible to students and lay readers, but they also open up stimulating new perspectives for Sebald scholars. This book will no doubt become one of the authoritative studies on Sebald in English.
- Carolin Duttlinger, Wadham College, Oxford, Modern Language Review