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Virtue, Reason and Toleration

The Place of Toleration in Ethical & Political Philosophy

Glen Newey

Hardback (Printed to Order)

Toleration is becoming an increasingly questioned issue in modern democratic and multicultural societies and is debated within the academic disciplines of politics, history and cultural and literary studies. In this book Glen Newey systematically analyses toleration in relation to broader issues in meta-ethical theory and offers a new, rigorous philosophical theory of toleration as a virtue. A wide range of questions in ethical theory is addressed, including ethical responsibility, character and virtue, the nature of reasons for action, the acts/omissions doctrine, and the nature of normativity itself. This analysis offers a new understanding of the limits of moral theory, and reveals problems with understanding toleration philosophically and with implementing it politically. As a unique contribution to the toleration debate, this book will be of importance to all those with an interest in political theory, philosophy and ethics.

  • An original and highly sophisticated analysis of toleration
  • Unique in applying toleration to meta-ethical theory
  • Covers a broad range of questions in ethical theory
  • Toleration is a key issue in political theory and also outside the academy - issues of censorship and political correctness, etc. remain strongly to the fore


Newey's book shows an impressive breadth of knowledge of contemporary moral and political philosophy, and is a (sometimes provocative, sometimes enlightening) comprehensive account of the role of toleration in this philosophy.