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Virginia Woolf: The Common Ground

Essays by Gillian Beer

Gillian Beer

Paperback (Printed to Order)
This book for the first time brings together Gillian Beer's essays on Virginia Woolf. Widely recognised as a leading authority on Woolf and a sophisticated critic of modernism and fiction, Beer's essays make fascinating reading. Beer demonstrates, through close investigative textual readings, how Woolf's conceptualisations of history and narrative are intimately bound up with her ways of thinking about women, writing and social and sexual relations.

About the Author

Dame Gillian Beer is King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge


Beer herself is a wordsmith; the book is a pleasure and a challenge to read for its vocabulary and the poetry of its prose...will be invaluable to readers of Woolf.
Beer and Bowlby are theoretically sophisticated and innovative...Edinburgh has produced fine, large, well-bound volumes...two of the best recent books on Woolf.