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Virginia Woolf and the Problem of the Subject

Feminine Writing in the Major Novels

Makiko Minow-Pinkney

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This classic study shows that Woolf's most experimental writing is far from being a flight from social commitment into arcane modernism. Indeed, it is best seen as a feminist subversion of the deepest formal principles of a patriarchal social order: the very definitions of narrative, writing and the subject.

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1. Feminism and Modernism in Woolf
2. Jacob's Room
3. Mrs. Dalloway
4. To the Lighthouse
5. Orlando
6. The Waves
Conclusion: A New Subjectivity

About the Author

Makiko Minow-Pinkney is Senior Lecturer in the School of Arts, Media and Education at the University of Bolton.


'A book that needed to be original contribution.'
- Jane Gallop, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
'By far the most substantial poststructuralist study of Woolf's work.'
- John Mepham, Kingston University