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Variations: The Philosophy of Gilles Deleuze

Jean-Clet Martin
Translated by Constantin V. Boundas, Susan Dyrkton


Jean-Clet Martin offers an insightful reading of Deleuze, from the point of view of a student, a reader and a fellow philosopher with whom Deleuze himself corresponded about his work. The letter-preface that Deleuze provided for the original French publication of Variations testifies to the confidence that Deleuze had placed in him.

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Letter-Preface by Gilles Deleuze
First Variation: Ethics and Aesthetics
1. Battlefield
2. Transcendental Empiricism
3. Nomadology
Second Variation: Three Poetic Formulas for Nomadic Distribution
4. Time out of Joint
5. The Dicethrow
6. 'The Garden of Forking Paths'
Third Variation: Multiplicities
7. The Image of Thought
8. Variations
9. Poetics of Multiplicities
Fourth Variation: Malcolm Lowry or the Manifesto of Things
10. The March toward Death
11. Mannerisms
12. For a Microphysics of Multiplicities
Postface to the Anglo-American Edition
Works by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari
Works Quoted in the Book

About the Author

Jean-Clet Martin is a philosopher. He is the author of several books that relate to the philosophy of aesthetics and science.


Boundas and Dyrkton have rendered an invaluable service by opening access to Jean-Clet Martin's important response to the work of Deleuze, a response that combines both philosophical rigor and poetic elegance with an insistence on demonstrating and relaying the conceptual multiplicity at the heart of Deleuzian philosophy, rather than merely commenting on it.
- Eugene W. Holland, Ohio State University

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