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Vampires, Race, and Transnational Hollywoods

Dale Hudson

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A consideration of vampire film production through the lens of transnational cinema

The figure of the vampire serves as both object and mode of analysis for more than a century of Hollywood filmmaking. Never dying, shifting shape and moving at unnatural speed, as the vampire renews itself by drinking victims’ blood, so too does Hollywood renew itself by consuming foreign styles and talent, moving to overseas locations, and proliferating in new guises.

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INTRODUCTION: Migrations and mutations
CHAPTER 1: Blood, bodies, and borders
CHAPTER 2: “Making” Americans from foreigners
CHAPTER 3 : Classical Hollywood vampires: the unnatural whiteness of America
CHAPTER 4: International Hollywood vampires: cosmopolitanisms of “foreign movies”
CHAPTER 5: Vampires of color: a critique of multicultural whiteness
CHAPTER 6: Terrorist vampires: religious heritage or planetary advocacy
CHAPTER 7: Other vampires, other Hollywoods: serialized citizenship and narrowcast difference
CONCLUSION: History and Hollywood, mashed-up

About the Author

Dr Dale Hudson is Associate Professor and Curator of Film and New Media at NYU Abu Dhabi.

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