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Trusts Law Essentials

John Finlay

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Your guide to the laws surrounding trusts in Scotland – for study, revision and quick reference

In Scots law, the legal concept of the trust has a long history of development and, over that time, has come to take on a number of characteristics. Because of this, there is no single definition of a trust that covers every example of the trust relationship. That's where Trusts Law Essentials comes in. This concise volume will quickly introduce you to the Scots law of trusts – from creating a trust and appointing trustees to conflicts on interest and the termination of trusts. It also looks at the different purposes of a trust and the particular issues surrounding charities and charitable trusts.

End-of-chapter summaries of essential facts and essential cases will help you to identify, understand and remember the key elements of trusts law in Scotland.


Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
1. Introduction
2. The Creation of a Trust
3. Trust Purposes
4. The Appointment of Trustees
5. The Administration of Trusts
6. Duties of Trustees
7. Conflict of Interest
8. Variation of Trust Purposes
9. Remedies and Third Party Rights
10. The Termination of Trusts
11. Charities and Charitable Trusts

About the Author

John Finlay is Professor of Scots Law at the University of Glasgow. He is author of: Men of Law in Pre-Reformation Scotland (Tuckwell Press, 2000), contributor to The Edinburgh History of the Book in Scotland, volume 1 (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming) and author of 'Women and legal representation in early sixteenth-century Scotland' in Women in Scotland 1100–1750 (Tuckwell Press, 1999). He has published numerous papers on Scottish legal history in journals such as the Scottish Historical Review, Edinburgh Law Review and the Juridical Review.

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