Trump's America

Political Culture and National Identity

Edited by Liam Kennedy

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Explores the cultural and political significance of the election of President Trump

  • Explores Trump in an intellectually robust way, linking his election and presidency to broader themes of American political history and culture
  • Examines the disruption to the American political system and shifting conceptions of the American national identity in the wake of Trump’s election
  • Illuminates the convergence of political life and entertainment in the Trump era, and the ways in which the American public sphere is being radically reconfigured by new and social media to polarise American political discourse
  • Features contributions from a truly international range of scholars and professionals working in political journalism

Donald J. Trump’s presidency has delivered a seismic shock to the American political system, its public sphere, and to our political culture worldwide. Written by leading scholars across a range of disciplines, as well as professionals in the field of political journalism, this collection of essays offers a deeper understanding of Trump and the impact that his rise to power has had both domestically and worldwide.

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Introduction: Making Sense of Trump’s America
Liam Kennedy

Part One: Paradigm Shift

1. Donald Trump’s Settler-Colonist State (Fantasy): A New Era of Illiberal Hegemony?
Donald E. Pease

2. Caesarism Revisited: Cultural Studies and The Question of Trumpism
Stephen Shapiro

3. Hegemoronic Vistas: The Pseudo-Gramscian Right from the Powell Memo to ‘The Flight 93 Election’
Frank Kelleter

4. Women Voters and Activists in Trump’s America
Melissa Deckman and Kelly M. Gardner

Part Two: Foreign Policy and Global Relations

5. Angry at the World: Progressive Possibilities in Trump’s Disruption of the Current Order
Patrick McGreevy

6. Trump or the Cultural Logic of "Late" Democracy
David Ryan

7. The End of the Age of Three Worlds and the Making of the Trump Presidency
Penny Von Eschen

8. Trumpism and the Future of US Grand Strategy
Jack Thompson

9. From George W. Bush to Donald Trump: Understanding the Exceptional Resilience of Democracy Promotion in US Political Discourse
Eugenio Lilli

Part Three: Identity Politics and the Politics of Spectacle

10. ‘If You Want to Know Why 2016 Happened, Read This Book’: Class, Race, and the Literature of Disinvestment (the Case of Hillbilly Elegy)
Hamilton Carroll

11. Ivanka Trump and the New Plutocratic (Post)feminism
Diane Negra

12. Trump and the Age of Hybrid Media Communicators
Alireza Hajihosseini

13. ‘Reality has a Well-Known Liberal Bias’: The End(s) of Satire in Trump’s America
Liam Kennedy

14. Spectacle of Decency: Repairing America After Trump
Scott Lucas


Trump’s America offers worthy early analysis of the damaging legacy of Trump’s illiberal democracy and a testament to the relevance of cross-disciplinary American Studies in producing meaning from the complexity of the United States and, as Kennedy and Shapiro suggest, asking the right kind of questions “to begin the daunting task of creating a new cultural hegemony.
Adriano Tedde, Griffith University, Australasian Journal of American Studies

A must-read for anyone interested in Trump’s administration. In this volume, influential scholars succinctly explain and assess the major themes of the Trump presidency from his war on the deep state to his foreign policy agenda.

Robert Brigham, Vassar College
Liam Kennedy is Professor of American Studies and Director of the Clinton Institute for American Studies at University College Dublin. He is author of Susan Sontag: Mind as Passion (Manchester University Press) and co-editor (with Maria Balshaw) of Urban Space and Representation (Pluto Press).

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