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The Wake of Jacques Derrida

Peggy Kamuf

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This book collects ten years of Peggy Kamuf's writing on the work and friendship of Jacques Derrida. The majority of the chapters discuss a key aspect of Derrida's thought, either from a single work or across several texts. Kamuf engages with a broad array of his work, from the 1960s to the posthumous publication of his teaching seminars. She also considers press interviews and the collaboration on a film. These close readings are punctuated by brief recollections from their long friendship.

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Works by Jacques Derrida Cited
Introduction: Watchwords
1. Tape-Recorded Surprise: Derrida Interviewed
2. "Bartleby," or Decision: A Note on Allegory
3. Urgent Translation
4. Coming to the Beginning
5. To Follow
6. La Morsure
7. "One day someone . . ."
8. The Affect of America
9. From Now On
10. Stunned: Derrida on Film
11. Aller à la ligne
12. Composition Displacement
13. The Ear, Who?
14. To Do Justice to "Rousseau," Irreducibly
15. The Deconstitution of Psychoanalysis
16. The Philosopher, As Such, and the Death Penalty

About the Author

Peggy Kamuf writes on literary theory and contemporary French thought, particularly that of Jacques Derrida. She has translated numerous texts by Derrida and several works by Hélène Cixous, including Insister of Jacques Derrida (EUP 2007). Director of the Derrida Seminars Translation Project, she also co-edits the series publishing Derrida's teaching seminars in English. She is Marion Frances Chevalier Professor of French and Comparative Literature at the University of Southern California.

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