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Time and Tide

The Feminist and Cultural Politics of a Modern Magazine

Catherine Clay

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The first in-depth study of the landmark modern feminist magazine, Time and Tide

This book reconstructs the first two decades of Time and Tide (1920-1939) and explores the periodical’s significance for an interwar generation of British women writers and readers. Unique in establishing itself as the only female-run intellectual weekly in the golden age of the weekly review, Time and Tide both challenged persistent prejudices against women’s participation in public life and played an instrumental role in redefining women’s gender roles and identities. Drawing on extensive new archival research Catherine Clay recovers the contributions to this magazine of both well-and lesser-known British women writers, editors, critics, and journalists and explores a cultural dialogue about literature, politics and the arts that took place beyond the parameters of modernist ‘little magazines’. The book makes a major contribution to the history of women’s writing and feminism in Britain between the wars.

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Introduction: Time and Tide – Origins, Founders and Aims
Part I: The Early Years, 1920–1928
1. A New Feminist Venture: Work, Professionalism, and the Modern Woman
2. ‘The Weekly Crowd. By Chimaera’: Collective Identities and Radical Culture
3. Mediating Culture: Modernism, the Arts, and the Woman Reader
Part II: Expansion, 1928–1935
4. ‘The Courage to Advertise’: Cultural Tastemakers and ‘Journals of Opinion’
5. ‘A Common Platform’: Male Contributors and Cross-Gender Collaboration
6. ‘The Enjoyment of Literature’: Women Writers and the ‘Battle of the Brows’
Part III: Reorientation, 1935–1939
7. A New Partnership: Art, Money, and Religion
8. A ‘Free Pen’: Women Intellectuals and the Public Sphere
Works Cited

About the Author

Catherine Clay is Senior Lecturer in English at Nottingham Trent University. She is author of British Women Writers 1914–1945: Professional Work and Friendship (Ashgate, 2006) and has published articles and book chapters on interwar women’s writing and women’s journalism. Her new monograph, Time and Tide: the Feminist and Cultural Politics of a Modern Magazine, is forthcoming with Edinburgh University Press.


Time and Tide is an endlessly fascinating magazine. Provocative and forward-thinking, it influenced debate on topics ranging from work and leisure to modernist art. Catherine Clay’s insightful, deeply knowledgeable study brings out the full importance of Time and Tide to British literary, political and feminist culture in the twentieth century.

- Faye Hammill, University of Glasgow

"Clay has done her bit and done it well."

- Angela V. John, Women’s History

"Clay’s book is erudite, comprehensive and wonderfully clear, and should immediately become the standard of work for anyone working on Time and Tide."

- Gareth Mills, The Review of English Studies

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