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Thomas Reid on Logic, Rhetoric and the Fine Arts

Papers on the Culture of the Mind

Thomas Reid
Edited by Alexander Broadie


Thomas Reid saw the three subjects of logic, rhetoric and the fine arts as closely cohering aspects of one endeavour which he called the culture of the mind. This was a topic on which Reid lectured for many years in Glasgow and the volume is as near a reconstruction of these lectures as is now possible. The material is virtually unknown now but in fact it relates closely to Reid's published works and in particular to the two late ones, Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man and Essays on the Active Powers of Man. When composing these volumes, Reid drew primarily on his lectures on 'pneumatology' which presented a theory of the mental powers, broadly conceived. These lectures were basic to the course on the culture of the mind which explained the cultivation of the mental powers. Although the Essays also included some elements from the material on the culture of the mind, the bulk of the latter was left in manuscript form and Professor Broadie's edition restores this important extension of Reid's overall work.

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Editorial Principles
Index of manuscripts
Introduction: Thomas Reid on the culture of the mind
Section one - Reid's teaching posts
Section two - The culture of the mind
Section three - Logic and rhetoric: the broad picture
Section four - Logic: the historical context
Section five - Rhetoric: the historical context
Section six - Reid on the fine arts

1 The culture of the mind
2 Logic
3 Rhetoric and the fine arts
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About the Author

Alexander Broadie is Professor of Logic and Rhetoric at the University of Glasgow. He is a leading historian of medieval and early modern logic as well as a specialist on the philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment.


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