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The Yorkshire Countryside

A Landscape History

Richard Muir

Paperback (Printed to Order)
Yorkshire summons up a distinct mental image in the minds of outsiders - whether of wind-lashed moorland, smoking chimneys or tough, blunt people. This illustrated survey of the changing rural landscapes of the region shows how the quality of 'Yorkshireness' varies greatly between one area and another. Moving chronologically from the Mesolithic period through to the post-medieval era of enclosure and industrialization, it allows the reader to mentally reconstruct the successive landscapes as they appeared and evolved through generations. The key elements - settlement patterns, strongholds, church and vernacular architecture, field systems and communications - are all considered in this fascinating history of one of England's best-known regions.


The text is enhanced by over a hundred excellent modern photographs… Each chapter has a comprehensive list of references... This is definitely not a book to be read once and put aside. It will be frequently consulted as a highly accessible source of reference for numerous topics pertinent to the county of Yorkshire and its landscape.
Muir's splendid book is a thoroughly well-informed survey.