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The Vulnerable Witnesses Scotland Act 2004

Text and Commentary

Laura Sharp, Margaret Ross

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A guide to the Vulnerable Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2004 for anyone working with vulnerable witnesses

The Vulnerable Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2004 amends the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 for criminal cases. It creates a similar regime for civil cases, so that vulnerability of witnesses is considered, and measures are taken to support vulnerable witnesses to give evidence effectively.

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Table of Cases
Table of Statutes
Table of Statutory Instruments
Long Title
1. Definitions of “Vulnerable Witness” in Civil and Criminal Case and the Special Measures
2. Procedures in Criminal Cases: Child Witnesses
3. Procedures in Criminal Cases: Adult Vulnerable Witnesses
4. Review of Special Measures, Application to the Accused, Supplementary and Saving Provisions and Application of Vulnerable Witness Provisions to Proceedings in the District Court
5. Miscellaneous Amendments to existing Criminal Justice Legislation
6. Civil Proceedings and Vulnerable Witnesses: Scope and Procedures
7. Abolition of the Competence Test for Witnesses in Criminal and Civil Proceedings
Appendix: List of Forms of Procedure

About the Author

Laura Sharp is Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Aberdeen.