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The Vietnam War in History, Literature and Film

Mark Taylor

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After a contextualising introduction which outlines the chronology of events during the Vietnam War, the book covers five key episodes during the war - including the massacre at My Lai, the siege at Khe Sanh, and the experience of homecoming for Vietnam veterans - analysing the way they have been treated by historians, by film-makers and by novelists.

Films and texts discussed include The Green Berets, JFK, John Newman's JFK and Vietnam, Dispatches, the Peers Report, In the Lake of the Woods, The Deerhunter and the Rambo films.

Key Features

  • Interdisciplinary approach to this popular subject, in keeping with the way American Studies is taught
  • Includes a timeline of the Vietnam War
  • Illustrated with maps and film stills
  • Courses on Vietnam appear on most American Studies degrees


Introduction: Understanding America's War in Vietnam
1: Telling True War Stories
2: Heroes
3: Cinematic History: The Case of JFK
4: Battles
5: Villains
6: Veterans
Conclusion: Telling Differences
A Guide to Further Reading

About the Author

Mark Taylor lectures in American Studies at the University of Hull.


The Vietnam War and its aftermath holds enormous fascination for students and the general public alike … While there is a huge and continually expanding literature on the subject, there have been few texts that offer students a short inter-disciplinary and thematic approach. Thus the present volume will fill a significant gap in the literature and should be of considerable interest to students and teachers studying the War as either a major or minor topic.
- Dr Michael Paris, University of Central Lancashire
Taylor's book works nicely as a straightforward discussion of selected aspects of the history, literateure and film of the Vietnam War … he provides a strong, well-written, up to date analysis of his individual topics … It deserves wide reading by anyone interested in the Vietnam War or concerned with America's relationship with the rest of the world today.
- American Studies
This has the potential to be a fascinating and useful text that would appeal to students in American History, American Studies, Literary and Cultural/ Communication Studies … (the author) writes very well in an accessible style, which is both scholarly and readable.
- Dr Neil Wynn, University of Glamorgan

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