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The Urewera Notebook by Katherine Mansfield

Original Author Katherine Mansfield
Edited by Anna Plumridge


An authoritative scholarly edition of Mansfield’s camping journal, offering new understandings of her colonial life

Katherine Mansfield filled the first half of the Urewera Notebook during a 1907 camping tour of the central North Island, shortly before she left New Zealand forever. Her camping notes offer a rare insight into her attitude to her country of birth, not in retrospective fiction but as a nineteen year old still living in the colony. This publication is theirst scholarly edition of the Urewera Notebook, providing an original transcription, a collation of the alternative readings and textual criticism of prior editors, and new information about the politics, people and places Mansfield encountered on her journey. As a whole, this edition challenges the debate that has focused on Mansfield’s happiness or dissatisfaction throughout her last year in New Zealand to reveal a young writer closely observing aspects of a country hitherto beyond her experience and forming a complex critique of her colonial homeland.

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List of photographs
1. General Introduction: The role of the Urewera Notebook in Mansfield biography, Context to the camping trip, i) Life in Wellington, ii) Hawke’s Bay and Kaingaroa, iii) The Urewera, iv) Rotorua and Taupo
The Urewera Notebook reconsidered, i) Mansfield’s attitude to the landscape, ii) Mansfield’s attitude to Maori
iii) Mansfield’s attitude to colonials
2. Textual Introduction: Physical description of the Urewera Notebook
Editorial history
John Middleton Murry: The Life of Katherine Mansfield (1933) and the Journal of Katherine Mansfield 1904-1922: Definitive Edition (1954)
Ian A. Gordon: The Urewera Notebook (1978)
Margaret Scott: The Katherine Mansfield Notebooks (1997)
3. Editorial Procedures
4. Biographical Register of the Camping Party
4. Itinerary
5. Abbreviations in this Edition
6. The Urewera Notebook

About the Author

Anna Plumridge is a postgraduate student at Victoria University of Wellington and the Editorial Assistant for the Edinburgh University Press Collected Works of Katherine Mansfield, volumes 3 & 4.


Anna Plumridge presents a newly transcribed version of ‘The Urewera Notebook’ that is both rigorous in its scholarship and thoroughly accessible.
- Chris Mourant, Nottingham Trent University, The New Zealand Studies Network

‘This timely, critical edition will make Katherine Mansfield’s unique camping journal more widely available for scholars and readers and provide a firm foundation for future interpretations about her direction in life and relationship to colonial New Zealand. It promises to be the indispensable version of the Urewera Notebook.’

Janet Wilson, Professor of English and Postcolonial Studies, University of Northampton

- Janet Wilson, Professor of English and Postcolonial Studies, University of Northampton

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