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The University of Edinburgh

An Illustrated History

Robert D. Anderson, Michael Lynch, Nicholas Phillipson


From a small city college in the sixteenth century the University of Edinburgh grew to be one of the world's greatest centres of scholarship, research and learning. Its history is told here by three of its leading historians with wit, verve and style. Copiously illustrated in colour and black and white, this is a book for everyone concerned with the university or the city of Edinburgh to read and enjoy.

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About the Author

Robert Anderson taught history at the University of Edinburgh from 1969 to 2007. He has written extensively on the history of education in Scotland, Britain and Europe. His most recent books are Education and the Scottish People 1750-1918 (1995), European Universities from the Enlightenment to 1914 (2004), and British Universities Past and Present (2006). Current interests include the history of history as a university subject, and the relation between education and modern nationalism. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Michael Lynch recently retired from the Sir William Fraser Chair of Scottish History and Palaeography at the University of Edinburgh.

Nicholas Phillipson is Formerly Professor of History in the then School of History and Classics at the University of Edinburgh.


An urgent purchase for all concerned with and interested in the university… valuable and consistently readable… an extraordinary wealth of illustration… a fascinating set of glimpses into student life… This is a book to be welcomed.
- Ian Campbell