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The UK Parliament

Moyra Grant

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A topical and accessible introductory guide to the workings of the UK's Westminster Parliament, in both theory and practice. It outlines the history, structure and functions of the Parliament and provides a topical evaluation of how well those functions are performed. Especial attention is paid to the relationships the Parliament has with the government, the EU, devolved bodies, and the courts. There is also an analysis of the impact of recent and possible future Parliamentary reforms.

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1. The UK Parliamentary System
2. The House of Lords
3. The House of Commons: Law-Making
4. The House of Commons: Representing the People
5. The House of Commons: Scrutinising the Executive
6. The Parliament and the European Union
7. The Parliament and the Devolved Bodies of the UK
8. The Parliament and the Courts
Conclusion: The Future of Parliament in an Age of Reform.

About the Author

Moyra Grant is Assistant Principal Examiner at the Edexcel Examinations Board and Senior Tutor of A Level Government and Politics at Mander Portman Woodward College. She is the author of AS Government and Politics (2005), Key Ideas in Politics (2003), British Voters: The Changing Basis of Party Choice (2000), Understanding A Level Politics (1999), The Politics of Law and Order (1996) and The British Media (1988).


This book is a refreshingly outspoken read.

Overall, the book is remarkably up to date, generally easy and often fun to read.

- Johannes Fritz, Political Studies Review

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