The Third Duke of Buccleuch and Adam Smith

Estate Management and Improvement in Enlightenment Scotland

Brian Bonnyman

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Examines the career of Henry Scott, third Duke of Buccleuch (1746-1812), with particular focus on his relationship with his tutor and friend, the philosopher Adam Smith

Henry Scott, the third Duke of Buccleuch (1746-1812), presided over the management of one of the largest landed estates in Britain during a time of dramatic agrarian, social and political change. Tutored and advised by the philosopher Adam Smith, the Duke was also an important patron of the Scottish Enlightenment, lauded by the Edinburgh literati the as an exemplar of patriotic nobility and civic virtue, while his alliance with Henry Dundas dominated Scottish politics for almost forty years. Combining the approaches of intellectual, economic and landscape history, this book examines the life and career of the third Duke, focusing in particular on his relationship with Adam Smith and the improvement of his extensive Scottish estates.

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Glossary of terms
Chapter 1: Inheritance (1750-1766)
Chapter 2: Education (1746-1766)
Chapter 3: Majority (1767-1770)
Chapter 4: Improvement I: The Lowland Estates (1767-1800)
Chapter 5: Improvement II: The Upland Estates (1767-1812)
Chapter 6: Interest (1767-1812)
Brian Bonnyman’s study of Adam Smith and the Third Duke of Buccleuch is a model of historical scholarship: deeply researched, excellently written, and profoundly informative. Bonnyman shows in detail how Scotland’s quintessential civic-minded aristocrat, influenced by the thinking of his intellectual and moral mentor, undertook a program of agricultural improvement intended not only to increase his estates’ productivity but advance the culture, the governance, and the ethical tone of Scottish society. And Bonnyman makes clear throughout how the issues at stake then have their parallels in modern society. The book is invaluable for its insights as well as the information it provides. It is also a pleasure to read.
Benjamin M . Friedman, Harvard University
Brian Bonnyman is Honorary Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.

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