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The Shorter Fiction

Walter Scott
Edited by Graham Tulloch, Judy King


Find Out What Scott Really Wrote

Going back to the original manuscripts, a team of scholars has uncovered what Scott originally wrote and intended his public to read before errors, misreadings and expurgations crept in during production.

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The Inferno of Altisidora
Christopher Corduroy
Alarming Increase of Depravity Among Animals
My Aunt Margaret's Mirror
The Tapestried Chamber
Death of the Laird's Jock
A Highland Anecdote
Essay on the Text
Emendation List
End-of-line Hyphens
Historical Note
Explanatory Notes

About the Author

Sir Walter Scott, was a Scottish historical novelist, playwright and poet. Many of his works remain classics and include Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, Waverley, The Heart of Midlothian and The Bride of Lammermoor.

Graham Tulloch is Professor of English at Flinders University, Australia. He has published books and articles on Scottish language and literature and has edited or co-edited Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe, Shorter Fiction, and The Siege of Malta and Bizarro for Edinburgh University Press and Catherine Martin’s An Australian Girl and Marcus Clarke’s His Natural Life for Oxford University Press.

Judy King is Research Fellow at the School of Humanities at Flinders University, Australia. has co-edited Walter Scott’s Shorter Fiction and Siege of Malta and Bizarro for Edinburgh University Press and has published articles on Beowulf.


The Shorter Fiction, as with all the volumes of the EEWN, contains all the full texts based on the first published version, followed by an 'Essay on the Text' by the editors of the volume offering a detailed and comprehensive account of the genesis, composition, and editorial history of each work. It also includes an 'Emendation List' made to the first editions, comprehensive historical accounts, explanatory notes and a glossary. These supplementary materials will be indispensable to scholars and students alike.

- Deirdre A. Shepherd, University of Edinburgh, BARS Bulletin and Review

Reviving almost forgotten stories... the editors [...] invite us to share their vision of an energetically creative Scott whose imaginative works can still surprise and affect us.

- Regina Hewitt, Scottish Literary Review

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