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The Semantics of Word Formation and Lexicalization

Pius ten Hacken, Claire Thomas

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An innovative approach to word formation and lexicalization

In the study of word formation, the focus has often been on generating the form. In this book, the semantic aspect of the formation of new words is central. It is viewed from the perspectives of word formation rules and of lexicalization. An extensive introduction gives a historical overview of the study of the semantics of word formation and lexicalization, explaining how the different theoretical frameworks used in the contributions relate to each other. Each chapter then concentrates on a specific question about a theoretical concept or a word formation process in a particular language and adopts a theoretical framework that is appropriate to the study of this question. From general theoretical concepts of productivity and lexicalization, the focus moves to terminology, compounding, and derivation.

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About the Author

Dr Pius ten Hacken is a Professor in the Department of Languages, Translation and Communication at Swansea University

Claire Thomas studied French and Language Studies at Swansea University and an MA in Language and Communication Research at Cardiff University. She has recently completed her PhD in Translation at Swansea University.

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