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The Scottish Soldier and Empire, 1854-1902

Edward M. Spiers

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The Scottish Soldier and Empire, 1854-1902 reflects upon the iconic role of the Scottish soldier as an empire builder from the Crimean War to the end of the nineteenth century. It examines how the soldier commented on this imperial experience, largely through letter, diaries and poems published in the provincial press, how his exploits were reviewed in Scotland and how military achievements contributed to both a growing sense of national identity and a deepening degree of imperial commitment.

Key features:

  • Uses wide range of source material, especially Scottish press and regimental museums.
  • Reveals depth of Scottish support for its regiments as instruments of imperialism.
  • Illustrated.


List of Maps
List of Illustrations
1 The Images and Self-Image of the Scottish Soldier
2 The Black Watch in West Africa
3 Imperial Tests: Zulus, Afghans and Boers
4 Highlanders in Egypt
5 Entering the Sudan
6 Commemoration, Promotion and the Storming of Dargai Heights
7 Reconquering the Sudan
8 Magersfontein and its Aftermath
9 Citizen Soldiers in an Imperial War

About the Author

Edward M. Spiers is Professor of Strategic Studies at the University of Leeds.


Provides a unique and interesting perspective into these imperial campaigns and how they were perceived both by those who took part inthem, as well as by their countrymen at home. . . will make a valuable addition to the library of anyone with an interest in either Scottish or imperial military history.
- Colin W. Graham,, H-Net