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The Scots Imagination and Modern Memory

Andrew Blaikie

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A cross-disciplinary exploration of how our memories are formed

This highly original study explores how different, but connected ways of seeing infuse relationships between place and belonging. Its argument is that all memories, whether fleeting glimpses or elaborated narratives, necessarily invoke imagined pasts - tenement life, island cultures, vanished moralities, even the origins of social science. But do these multiple recollections share a common frame of reference? Are perceptions conditioned by a collective social imaginary?

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Chapter 1 Scotland and the places of memory
SECTION 1 ENCOUNTERING MODERNITY: Chapter 2 Before and after modernity: the legacy of Adam Ferguson
Chapter 3 The eyes of modernity: John Grierson's sociology
SECTION II PLACING IDENTITIES: Chapter 4 Among the wee Nazareths: myths of moral community
Chapter 5 Retrieving 'that invisible leeway': landscapes, cultures, belonging

SECTION III LOCAL VISIONS: Chapter 6 A pattern of islands: photographs in the cultural account
Chapter 7 Remembering 'The Forgotten Gorbals'
Chapter 8 Finding ways home

About the Author

Andrew Blaikie is Professor of Historical Sociology at the University of Aberdeen. He is author of Illegitimacy, Sex and Society: Northeast Scotland, 1750-1900 (1994) and Ageing and Popular Culture (1999).