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The Sacred Thread

Hinduism in Continuity & Diversity

John Brockington

Edition: 2

Paperback (Printed to Order)
Hinduism is not just one particular approach to life. In this best-selling textbook John Brockington shows how Hinduism encompasses new dilemmas in traditional language and accommodates fresh insights to established viewpoints. Since its first publication The Sacred Thread has consistently proved an invaluable introduction to Hinduism.

About the Author

John Brockington is Reader in the Department of Sanskrit at the University of Edinburgh


A work that is so finely and compactly written as to merit the highest praise both for the great erudition and scholarship that emanate from every page as well as for the concentrated effort obviously required to produce it.
- Journal of the American Oriental Society
In ten chapters Brockington provides an excellent survey of religious developments on the subcontinent from Harappa to the Hindu reform movements of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, introducing the reader to the broader philosophical and cultural dimensions of the Indian tradition as well.
- Philosophy East and West
An admirable survey which comes closer than any other to providing the novice student of Indian civilisation with a reasonable view of the major facets of the Hindu religion.
- Indo-Iranian Journal