The Road to the Scottish Parliament

Brian Taylor

Edition: 2

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This important book provides an invaluable guide to the establishment of Scotland's Parliament. First published in 1999, this revised and updated edition follows the road to devolution - with fresh detail of the obstacles which stood in the way. In a separate, companion book, Scotland's Parliament: The Story So Far Brian Taylor analyses how the Scottish Parliament has worked in practice.

With his unique insight, gained in twenty-five years of covering Scottish politics as a journalist, Taylor offers an analysis of the background to the most monumental political change in Scotland since the Union.

In this book, Taylor examines the popular motivation for devolution - and traces the practical steps which led to the establishment of Scotland's new Parliament. In addition, he provides a challenging assessment of Scotland's political future: tackling the issue of whether devolution will content the Scots.

There is substantial analytical coverage of the Referendum, the Scotland Act and the establishment of the Parliament, following the elections in May 1999. Written in an entertaining and accessible style, this book is ideal for all those requiring an insight into the underlying issues which drive Scotland's new politics.

Introduction: Establishment of a Coalition
Chapter 1. Identity - What Makes a Scot?
Chapter 2. The Route to the Convention
Chapter 3. Politics and Pomposity - the Convention in Operation
Chapter 4. The Final Convention Scheme
Chapter 5. The Referendum Row
Chapter 6. Preparing for the White Paper
Chapter 7. The White Paper
Chapter 8. The Referendum and the Scotland Bill
Chapter 9. A Question of Money
Chapter 10. The European Question
Chapter 11. The English Question

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Brian Taylor is Political Editor at BBC Scotland.

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