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The Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist Writings of James Connolly 1893-1916

Edited by Conor McCarthy

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The writings of Ireland’s greatest left-wing and anti-imperialist activist

James Connolly, the greatest Marxist and socialist thinker, organiser and leader Ireland ever produced, was also a great internationalist and anti-imperialist writer and campaigner. This wide-ranging anthology features a scholarly introduction which provides background to Connolly’s life, career, and influences; and which contextualizes his work both in Ireland and internationally. The collection of texts presented here demonstrates that Connolly’s writings are as pertinent in Ireland and the postcolonial world a century after his execution for leadership of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland as it was in his own lifetime. The Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist Writings of James Connolly, 1893-1916 will be a vital and inspiring resource for students, scholars and activists seeking to understand the tumultuous history of early-twentieth century Ireland in both its local and imperial contexts, and looking for the tools to understand the inequities of our globalised world today.

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Further Reading
1. The Early Years and the Irish Socialist Republican Party
2. America and the International Workers of the World
3. Labour in Irish History
4. Empire and Revolution
5. The Lock-Out, the First World War, and the Rising
Coda: Connolly’s Afterlives.

About the Author

Conor McCarthy is Lecturer in English at Maynooth University. He’s the author of Modernisation, Crisis and Culture in Ireland 1969-1992 (2000) and The Cambridge Introduction to Edward Said (2010).


In his editorial work and commentaries, Conor McCarthy combines imaginative audacity with intellectual rigour of just the kind to be found in Connolly's own work. The result is a volume which reminds us that Connolly is still our contemporary and that, if we are lucky, his texts may also hint at the lineaments of the Irish future.

- Declan Kiberd, University of Notre Dame

Conor McCarthy’s selections and insightful introduction confirm Connolly’s continuing relevance as an indispensable shaper of modern Irish nationalism and an internationalist and anti-colonial thinker whose work anticipated figures like Frantz Fanon or C.L.R. James. This book is an invaluable resource for the history of anti-colonialism and socialism and their continuing lessons for the present.

- David Lloyd, University of California, Riverside

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