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The Refusal of Politics

Laurent Dubreuil
Translated by Cory Browning

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Denounces contemporary politics through an engagement with political theory, the arts and what it is to live well

Laurent Dubreuil provocatively proposes an extremist rethinking of the limits of politics – toward a break from politics, the political and policies. Rather than yet another re-articulation, he calls for a refusal of politics, suggesting a form of apolitics that would make our lives more liveable.

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Opening Opinion

1. Apolitics and Politics

2. Liveable Interruption

3. Forms of Experience



About the Author

Laurent Dubreuil is Professor of Comparative Literature, Romance Studies and Cognitive Science at Cornell University. He is the author of six books of philosophy and literary theory, including The Intellective Space (2015) and Empire of Language (2013). Since 2011, he has served as the Editor of diacritics.


Laurent Dubreuil’s book is situated in an extreme polarity to other contemporary reflections on politics. Refusing every figure of the political, Dubreuil radically moves beyond all of the perspectives in the field today. Certainly his idea of absolute apoliticity remains highly problematic in a world lacking politics, such as our own. But this is precisely what makes his book of extreme interest.

- Roberto Esposito, University of Naples

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