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The Problem of Religious Diversity

European Challenges, Asian Approaches

Edited by Anna Triandafyllidou, Tariq Modood

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Could lessons from Asia, Oceania and the Middle East help Europe overcome the challenge of religious diversity?

Religious diversity is one of the toughest challenges that today’s European societies face in their search for identity, equality and cohesion in an increasingly globalised world. This book engages critically with the different models and approaches for managing religion adopted in Europe, Asia and Oceania in order to seek answers to this pressing normative, conceptual and policy issue.

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Notes on Editors

Notes on Contributors

1. Religion and Religious Diversity Challenges Today
Anna Triandafyllidou and Tariq Modood

Part I The Governance of Religious Diversity: Freedom of Religion or Freedom from Religion

2. Nation and Religion: Dangerous Liaisons
Anna Triandafyllidou

3. Multiculturalism and Moderate Secularism
Tariq Modood

4. Living with Religious Diversity: The Limits of the Secular Paradigm
Gurpreet Mahajan

5. Secularism: Public Space and Visible Diversity
Tariq Ramadan

6. Freedom of Religion in Europe: Finding the Golden Mean between Too Little and Too Much Protection
Marie-Claire Foblets

Part II The Governance of Religious Diversity in the Public Space: Perspectives from Asia and the Middle East

7. The Governance of Religious Diversity in the Public Space: Indonesia in Comparative Perspective
Alfred Stepan

8. The Governance of Religious Diversity in Malaysia: Islam in a Secular State or Secularism in an Islamic State?
Zawawi Ibrahim and Ahmad Fauzi Abdul Hamid

9. Secularism and Multiculturalism in India:Some Reflections
Rochana Bajpai

10. Secularism as Proto-Multiculturalism: The Case of Australia
Geoffrey Brahm Levey

11. The Monopoly of Jewish Orthodoxy in Israel and Its Effects on the Governance of Religious Diversity
Raphael Cohen-Almagor

12. Secularism as a Double-Edged Sword? State Regulation of Religion in Turkey
Haldun Gülalp

Part III Afterword

Four Dogmas or Heresies in the Discussion of Secularism and Religion
Joseph H. H. Weiler

Rethinking Secularism
Bhikhu Parekh


About the Author

Professor Anna Triandafyllidou directs the Cultural Pluralism Research Area at the Global Governance Programme of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, in Florence, Italy. She is also Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, and the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies.

Tariq Modood is Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy and the founding Director of the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol. He is a Fellow of the British Academy.

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