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The Politics of Toleration

Tolerance and Intolerance in Modern Life

Susan Mendus

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Toleration is a core issue within contemporary political debates. In this book distinguished public figures, including philosophers, historians, lawyers and religious leaders reflect on the importance of tolerance and the dangers of intolerance, both historically and in the present day. George Carey and Julia Neuberger concentrate on the issues surrounding religious toleration while Helena Kennedy emphasises the role of toleration in legal contexts. Christopher Hill takes an historical approach, looking at toleration in 17th century England while Bernard Williams discusses the idea of philosophical justification of toleration. Garrett Fitzgerald concentrates in the idea of Toleration and Solidarity while Michael Ignatieff discusses the highly topical issue of Nationalism and Toleration. Alasdair McIntyre concludes with an examination of Toleration and the Goodof Conflict. This book collectively offers an accessible and engaging commentary on the role of toleration in several areas of modern life and will be of interest to a wide range of readers.

About the Author

Susan Mendus is Professor of Politics and Director of the Morrell Studies in Toleration Programme at the University of York.


The combination of the idea of toleration, its application in different arenas of current political concern and the personal views of significant opinion-formers makes for compelling reading.
- Professor Ian Forbes