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The Politics of International Law and International Justice

Edwin Egede, Peter Sutch

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An introduction to international law for politics and IR students

This textbook introduction to international law and justice is specially written for students studying law in other departments, such as politics and IR. Written by a lawyer and a political theorist, it shows how international politics has influenced international law.

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Introduction: International Law and International Justice
1. Introduction to International Law, 1. Segregation and De-segregation: IR, Law and Ethics
2. Sources of International Law, 2. Normative Authority and the Sources of International Law
3. International Persons, 3. Justice in a World of States: The Moral Standing of Legal and Natural Persons
4, The United Nations and International Law, 4 The Constitution of the International Community: Justice, Power and the United Nations
5. The Protection of Human Rights and International Law, 5. Justice and Injustice in the Age of Human Rights
6. Diplomatic Communications, 6. Diplomacy and Justice
7. Use of Force and Security, 7. Sanctions and the Use of Force in Contemporary International Affairs
8. The Law of the Sea, 8. Justice and the Common Heritage of Mankind

About the Author

Edwin Egede, an international lawyer, is Senior Lecturer in International Law and International Relations at Cardiff University where he teaches classes on international law in a changing world, international relations and the united nations. He is author of Africa and the Deep Seabed Regime: Politics and International Law of the Common Heritage of Mankind (Springer, 2011) and has recently written on the international law of the sea and human rights.

Peter David Edward Sutch is Reader in Political and International Theory at Cardiff University, where he teaches classes in political theory, global ethics and the politics of international law.


Egede and Sutch have written a rewarding and highly engaging book that traverses the contentious interdisciplinary debates regarding the legalisation of world politics. Exploring a wide range of significant issues and shedding light on just how much international law, politics and justice have to offer each other, Egede and Sutch combine incisive powers of critical analysis with a wide vision of the transformations reshaping contemporary international affairs.

- Professor Patrick Hayden, Editor, Journal of International Political Theory, Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) School of International Relations, University of St Andrews.

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